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For Dash Warning Lights & Car Fault Codes in Preston

Why pay some Main Dealers £60+ just to tell you what they think is wrong! - ONLY £30 for Our Code Reading Session* An affordable way to see what's going on with your car!


Warning Light? Error Message? Fault Code?

This means your car has spotted a problem!

This may effect the safety or reliability of your car. Our Code Reading Session attempts to get the car computer to give the exact error code/s and the reason or component which caused it.


MOT Failure Coming?

From 2018 Some warning lights mean MOT Failure!

The UK MOT test is now stricter! Certain systems will be tested to ensure their warning lights light when the engine is started, then go out, indicating the system is working. Removing the bulb/fuse isn’t an option!


What Currelec Can (and Can't!) Do

For only £30 we will interrogate your car's onboard computer and can normally identify what it's telling us and also any faults. We can often then clear the fault condition or reset the warning light.

To keep our prices down, our service is a Diagnostic one Only - it does not include any repair work, nor do we provide spare parts. We aim to provide you with as much information about your car's problem as possible and we can often reset the fault warning light or code at the same time. So, when your car suddenly displays a warning light or error code/message, it's time to do something about it. If your car is no longer under warranty and you want to fix it yourself (or have it fixed privately), then our service may help you. We will attempt to identify what faults may be present and often can suggest the course of action needed to fix them. Sometimes this can simply be clearing the fault itself. Sometimes you will need to have the car repaired before this can be cleared. We are totally independant. We don't repair or service cars ourselves, which means we have no vested interest in talking you into this or that repair. We simply try to identify any electronic fault conditions, which can then help you save money when you have subsequent work done. Remember, a main dealer many charge upwards of £60+ for this service. We have equipment which can read and clear most vehicle faults. On the very odd occasion when our equipment won't "talk" to your car - we don't charge for our session - simple (and inexpensive) as that!

Important! (the smallprint!). *The price includes cover for Lancashire only. Other areas upon request. Our “NO READ - NO FEE!” works like this... Very occasionally a vehicle’s computers won’t "talk" to our equipment. If this happens there will be NO CHARGE for our visit. Also please be aware that sometimes any such tests cannot conclusively identify the cause of a fault, or faults (or reset a fault the car "thinks" is still there!) and further investigation may be required by other parties at additional cost, to both define the fault and also to avoid replacing unnecessary parts. Our Service is limited to attempting to read and identify vehicle fault codes at the time of the session only. Our total liability is the cost of the session itself. If you book or use our service, you are understanding and agreeing to this. Whilst an attempt to reset the Engine Management Light (if lit) is included in the standard session price The "Relearning" or Reconfiguring of items such as TPMS, SAS, DPF, Battery or EPB, will be at additional cost agreed beforehand. If it looks like something more complex, we will make you aware of this before you commit to anything. **The Battery Check is a basic check for the standard battery which is used for starting a petrol/diesel engine and does not apply to hybrid/fully electric battery systems. WE CANNOT AND DO NOT PERFORM MILEAGE ADJUSTMENTS ON ANY VEHICLE, NOR BYPASS ANY COMPULSORY SAFETY/ANTIPOLLUTION SYSTEMS

If we can't "talk" to your car - there's NO CHARGE for our session!

We Come To You!

Our Low Cost Service - At your Home or Place of Work - When it's convenient to YOU!

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We Have The Technology!

We use the latest software and equipment to enable us to "talk" to you car’s computers. Some vehicles need specialised software to fully interrogate their systems. We often hear that a cheap plugin device bought from eBay is the same - Well actually it’s not! The full functionality of e.g. Citroen’s Lexia software comes with a very hefty price tag.

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Low Cost Service

If you have car fault codes or dashboard warning lights on your car in or around Preston, we come to you at your Home or Place of Work so you don’t have the added time spent visiting the Diagnostics Equipment. We bring it to You at a sensible price! Ask us about enabling & disabling Factory Options & Features on Citroen & Peugeot cars.

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Convenient to You

Ideal for DIY & Owner/Enthusiasts, as well as small professional garages. A visit from a mobile technician to perform a fault code reading can help determine the cause of vehicle problems. This can help save many wasted hours of guesswork or the costs of trial and error (It can also be a good opportunity to have a check carried out on the condition of your car battery).

Just Some of the Fault Codes & Lights you may see

If you service your own car and simply want to know what’s wrong, or need to have a dashboard warning light or fault code reset or cleared while preparing for your MOT, Currelec’s service could be for you. We can usually reset your Service Indicator, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System* and Steering Angle Sensor too.

project 1

Engine Management Light

This can be a very large subject, so it requires some explanation. If you just want to try to get to the bottom of it without all the reading, call 01772 615428 or use the form below to arrange your diagnostics session at a time and place convenient to you.

From early 2018, this warning light became an MOT failure reason! If your Engine Management Warning Light is illuminated, it may be accompanied by other unusual symptoms (lack of power?). This can be a faulty electrical sensor, although sometimes it can be a larger mechanical issue. If it's Red or flashing, you ought to stop when it's safe to do so and check your owner's handbook. Modern cars have so many complex management systems, that until you know the fault code/s, it's difficult to know where to begin checking. If your car’s Engine Management Warning Light is showing, get it investigated straight away, as driving around any longer could cause further, and potentially irreparable damage. It might be nothing serious, but until you know, you shouldn't ignore it. We can usually read the fault codes your engine has recorded.

MOT Failure reason

project 2

Airbag / SRS

The warning lights of some cars do actually say "SRS". Most people know that modern cars are fitted with Airbags, which inflate in an accident, offering great protection to the occupants. Less is known about the Supplemental Restraint System or SRS. Whilst there are variations, the basic principle is that in the event of an accident, the seat belts are automatically pulled tighter to "supplement" their ability to prevent the occupants moving around during the accident. The Airbag / SRS Warning Light means something isn't working. It might be trivial and be due to parts of the system being disabled by the user or the airbag could be faulty. Checking the computer for a fault code may reveal exactly what is wrong. It may be that the airbag needs to be inspected by a trained expert. If it is not working properly it may not go off in a crash. There is also the slim possibility that the airbag could go off when you least expect it which could cause an injury, airbags are very expensive to put right if they do deploy, so this warning light could save you some money as well as be a safety issue.

MOT Failure reason

project 3

ESC, ESP, ABS, Stability Control

This technology helps you steer, stop safely and handle difficult or wet road surfaces, when the car might otherwise have lost control. It's no substitute for driving carefully, but it can really help avoid uncontrolled skids and certain other types of accident. So it needs to be working at all times! If you continue driving with the light on, be aware that these systems may not be functioning at all and take extra care!

The ABS/ESC/ESP light alerts the driver to potential problems with any part of the anti-lock braking system, stability control or traction control. The car's computer monitors sensors in the Vehicle to ensure the system is functioning. When it detects a problem with the system, it stores a trouble code in its internal memory and turns on the warning light. The correct automotive tool with ABS capabilities is the only tool that can properly clear the codes from the computer in order to turn off the light. However, the problem must still be addressed. The light may come on if the steering needs to be recalibrated. This can follow any realignment or repairs to the steering system. The computer needs to be "retold" where the centre steering position is.

MOT Failure reason

project 4

Brake (Fluid) Warning

First: Check you've released the handbrake fully. This can sometimes generate this apparent fault. If you need to press your brake further than usual, the car is potentially unsafe to drive. Your hydraulic brake circuits may have failed or be faulty, so stop when safe to do so and call an auto assistance organisation or garage for help. Your vehicle may have a brake fluid leak, need the brake pads replacing, or have a sensor failure – get it checked out at your local garage. Whilst we're happy to come and diagnose or do a code or light reset. You can't underestimate the importance of your braking system. If you have any concerns about yours, take the car to a fully equipped garage with the expertise to do a full safety check and repair any faults.

MOT Failure reason

project 5

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Since 2014, new cars have TPMS systems. From 2015, the MOT includes TPMS and a car will fail if it's displaying a fault light or warning. We can interrogate, test, clear faults, "relearn" sensors and reconfigure TPMS after wheels/sensors have been swapped on 99% of all UK cars. We don't swap tyres & sensors, but can usually sort out the system after someone else has and we can trace a faulty sensor and get the tyre sensor IDs necessary for "relearning" (an industry term!) sensors on a system. The TPMS is an electronic system which monitors your tyre pressures. If you have a puncture or the pressure in any tyre falls below a certain point, a small battery operated unit in that wheel, tells a computer by radio. The computer then logs an error and lights up the warning light. Usually telling you which tyre is affected. Sometimes the correct equipment is needed to reset the warning light. A major flaw in TPMS sensors, is that they are battery powered and these batteries will fail after 6-10 years. When one does, it stops talking to the computer and the computer switches on the warning light. We can test the battery strength with our testers. If you have a tyre replaced, make sure the sensor is refitted. If it has failed or is damaged, it will need to be replaced with one of the correct frequency. A good tyre fitter will be able to do this and recode & relearn it. If they can't, just make sure you have the correct frequency and get a copy of the ID code (it's on the unit) and contact us.

MOT Failure reason

project 6

Headlamp Main Beam

Whilst this warning light is now part of the MOT inspection, there are usually simple fixes involved, which do not require our services. First check that your main beam does actually come on when you press the switch. If it does light without the warning lamp coming on, you probably have an electrical fault with the indicator lamp/wiring itself. If only one headlight works on main beam it is usually a faulty bulb. If after changing the bulb it still does not light or indicate you probably have an electrical fault with the indicator lamp/wiring itself. If the above does not cure it, then a wiring, switch or relay fault is likely. You are best seeking out a vehicle electrician or a good garage.

MOT Failure reason

project 7

Electric/Electronic Power Steering

This indicates a power steering fault, which may be disabled until fixed, causing very heavy steering. The light can be yellow or red/orange, but generally looks like this. On traditional hydraulic power steering systems, a common reason is low power steering fluid level. EPS though, does stand for Electric/Electronic Power Steering and is for vehicles that do not have hydraulic power steering. Instead of hydraulics, a control module in the EPS receives information from a steering angle sensor. This controls a steering motor to provide power assisted steering. If you see the EPS warning light come on in your vehicle, you won’t have any fluid levels to check, but as it can sometimes be caused by a faulty battery or alternator you can carefully check all connections to the battery and see if there’s any visible wear or damage. It can be caused if you have recently jump started your car, or you’ve disconnected the battery. Occasionally, the problem can be fixed by simply turning your vehicle off and on again. If this does work, you should still take your vehicle to your local garage to be checked. We can carry out a code reading and try to pinpoint the cause of the problem. With the light illuminated, the power assist may stop working to help you steer. You can still drive the car, but the steering wheel will be much heavier, and will be much more difficult to turn. So great care must be taken.

MOT Failure reason

project 8

Electronic Parking Brake

The electronic parking brake is a substitute for the tradition handbrake. Some people think it's a very expensive solution to a problem which never existed! The system is hugely complicated, being interlocked with engine, seat belts, door switches etc etc! Spinning the wheels in snow or mud car can cause the brake computer to throw a tantrum. In effect it tries to turn the handbrake on and off at the same time. This will generate a fault. In extreme cases of wheel spin and handbrake on/off application, the handbrake motor, spur gear unit and cable may need replacement. We have heard of one garage replacing a dozen units after a spell of snowy weather. Sometimes progress is a good thing, but replacing a simple lever and steel wire with thousands of pounds worth of sometimes delicate technology has to be questionable. If you have this warning light, we can usually pinpoint the cause and in many cases, if it has been due to a temporary situation, we can also clear the fault.

MOT Failure reason

project 9

Anything & Everything Else..!

With a list containing many thousands of possibilities, there are far too many warning lights and vehicle code combinations to explain here! Basically, if you get a fault light or code, you ought to have it investigated. Until that is done, it's impossible to really know how serious it may be. Some errors and warning lights are MOT failure reasons, whilst some are only advising you of a need to get something serviced or repaired.


We have the equipment to enable us to interrogate the majority of vehicle computer systems, to help you get to the bottom of what the problem is. .

Try us!

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    Engine Management Light

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    Airbag / SRS

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    ESC, ESP, ABS, Stability Control

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    Brake (Fluid) Warning

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    Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

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    Headlamp Main Beam

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    Electric/Electronic Power Steering (EPS)

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    Electronic Parking Brake

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    Anything & Everything else..!

Our Prices

Unlike many companies, Our Prices are Clear, Simple AND Inexpensive

Code Reading Session

  • £30.00
  • Full Code Reading
  • Clear Fault Codes where possible *
  • Written Report provided

Recoding Or Relearning

  • £enquire
  • Full Code Reading (plus)
  • Recoding for Tyre Pressure sensor, New Battery,
  • or Steering Angle reset

Revisit within 7 days***

  • £25.00
  • Full Code Reading
  • Clear Fault Codes where possible *
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We Also Offer Accessory Programming, DPF Regenerations and Additional Services on Some Makes. Contact Us For More Info.

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