When you’re looking for Qualified, Reliable Electricians in Preston or throughout Lancashire, whatever size of job you have, Currelec can help! We Specialise in all Domestic Electrical Work and Internal & External Lighting. The following explains some of what we can do for you…



Additional Sockets Indoors or Out


We can install sockets exactly where you need them, indoors or out. We can also convert existing single sockets to doubles or triples without any mess at all!

13A Sockets
New or Replacement Lights, Light Fittings & Downlighters


We can safely install or replace light fittings for you, making sure the wiring and location are suitable, allowing for the weight, heat and power requirements of your new lighting. Many people have problems with their existing Downlighters. Bulb failures & overheating are only two of the problems we find on a weekly basis. We can resolve all these problems and leave you with safe, stylish and reliable Downlighters. Energy saving LED conversions, when carried out using the correct fittings, can soon pay for themselves and are a speciality of ours. This can really transform the look of your kitchen!



Garage & Outbuilding Wiring


We can ensure your Garage, Summer House or Garden Office has an electrical supply which meets all current laws and regulations. If you need electricity and high speed internet capability – we can do that too!

Currelec Garage Consumer Unit


Garden Lighting Design & Installation


Many people don’t realise how their gardens can be transformed into beautiful, stylish and useful spaces with the correct lighting.
Using our lighting and installation expertise, we can help turn your garden into a place for entertaining, or simply enjoying long after dark… your new outdoor room?

Currelec Garden Lighting Design
Kitchen & Bathroom Wiring
This sort of work must be carried out by a qualified person because of the inherent dangers of proximity to water and wet hands. Let Currelec do this work for you, safely installing your lighting and electrical power right where you want it.


Troubled by a noisy Extractor Fan?

We can replace this with a ‘silent extractor fan’. Due to clever design, when properly installed this fan for both new and replacement usage, is practically impossible to hear! Try one!

Is your existing electric shower is a bit ‘tired’ and looking old fashioned?

Currelec can replace it with a smarter higher performance unit with the minimum of fuss.

Quiet Extractor Fan



Security Lights


Improve the security of your home, garden or parking area with outdoor security lighting. Correctly installed by Currelec, this will be stylish, effective and when properly installed and adjusted, won’t annoy your neighbours!

Currelec Scanning Security Light
LED & Low Energy Lighting Replacement and Conversion


This new and exciting lighting technology can produce fabulous lighting at around 10% of the running costs of filament bulbs. We can help you reduce your energy bills by installing, or converting your existing lighting to LED or low energy where possible. Still very new, LED lighting can prove something of a minefield to those without specialist knowledge in selecting the correct products to give the light colour, brightness and reliability for their needs. Currelec can install LED lighting which has the correct brightness, can be dimmed if needed and has an excellent lifespan. For example: A typical kitchen-diner with ten 50W downlighters used for 5 hours per day, (at a late 2012 electricity rate of 13p/kWh) costs £2.28 per week to light. The LED equivalent for the week would only be 23p. LEDs cost considerably more initially, but the reduced running costs added to the reduced need for replacing failed bulbs can soon recover that cost.


Problems, Problems, Problems!


If you’re having electrical problems – we can help!

· DIY Problems Fixed – Ok, you’ve gone as far as you can with your project and now you need a bit of professional expertise to get it finished. No problem, just call us & we’ll help.

· Wires & Cables Located – We can locate most cables and cable routes for you. This is ideal if you’re planning to install something and want to avoid hitting wires. If we can’t trace it, there’s no charge!

· Fault Tracing & Repairs – Any electrical installation can develop a fault due to lots of reasons. Whilst fixing it may be straightforward, trying to find it can take ages, unless you have the specialist equipment and knowledge. That’s where we come in!



Currelec Tester


Safety Inspections & Testing


Electrics deteriorate with use and age – and as we all know, electricity can be deadly. Unlike Gas, there’s no smell to warn you of problems! To reduce the risks from potential hidden dangers, let Currelec carry out an Electrical Installation Condition Report, to make sure your electrics are safe and conform to current national safety standards.


PAT Testing


Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) is a legal requirement in many places and is a quick and inexpensive alternative to a potentially fatal accident. Whether you are an Employer, Landlord, or hire/lend Electrical equipment out. You have a duty of care to ensure these items are regularly checked and are safe. Currelec have the very latest PAT Testing Instruments and can check your appliances and provide you with labels and a written record to prove you are compliant. We check each item visually, we check the fuse is correct, then we connect a special test instrument which carries out a series of electrical safety tests on the plug, cable and appliance itself. All appliances, including stationary ones such as Kitchen appliances (which surprises some people!) must be regularly checked. Electrical appliances deteriorate with use and age, so there are recommended test intervals, which vary depending upon the type of item and the location and usage. The number of items we test, which look fine, then show a dangerous internal fault during testing, prove the value of PAT Testing! Reassuringly, most appliance faults we find are quickly and easily fixed, leaving you with safe, working equipment. Contact us for a Free Quote for all your Pat Testing needs.


Landlords Testing & Inspections


Landlords have a legal duty of care to ensure the safety of their tenants. As with Gas Safety Checks, Electrical Inspections need to be carried out at change of tenancy and periodically for long term tenants. We can help and advise you about planning and carrying this out, regardless of how many properties you have.

Currelec Certificate


Pre-Sale/Pre-Purchase Wiring Inspections

If you are selling your property in this difficult market, an Electrical Installation Condition Report lets prospective buyers know all is safe and well and that they won’t be facing expensive surprises. We can also do a Visual Condition Report, which though less detailed, is a much cheaper option whilst still picking up many potential problems.

If you are about to buy a property, have the electrical installation checked BEFORE you buy as this may reveal problems which you can use to negotiate a better price.


Consumer Units & Fuseboxes Upgraded/Replaced


Modern living makes increasing demands on domestic electrical systems. If your consumer unit (fuse box) is old or has insufficient capacity, we can replace it with a modern modular unit and test your electrics at the same time. This will ensure reliability and much greater protection from overheating and electric shock. Contact us today for a Free Quote