We all tend to rely on Microwave ovens at least some of the time. In some kitchens, they can end up being heavily used (and sometimes abused too!). When we’re carrying out Microwave leakage testing, it’s not unusual for us to see microwave ovens with broken door hinges, damaged or missing door seals, broken door catches or even the odd cracked door glass.
Whilst Microwave energy is great for cooking, it can also cause severe burns and even eye damage if not properly shielded. The problem usually stems from leakage around the door, latches, seals and glass panel. This can occur over time as hinges & latches wear and the door doesn’t close quite as tightly as when new. Currelec can test your microwave oven for you, using our special leakage meter.
We place a large mug of water in the microwave oven which is then put on maximum power for a minute. Our Microwave Leakage Checker is then used to scan the door seals and the front glass. This will indicate if the level of Microwaves leaking out into the room is within an acceptable safe level, which is currently classed as being 5mW/cm2.
Microwave ovens are designed to switch off instantly as soon as the door is opened. We also check that this is working properly. Finally the oven is labelled appropriately to show that both the leakage and the interlock tests have been carried out.
It’s a straightforward safety test which is inexpensive and ought to help spot a dangerous or faulty Microwave oven, long before anyone is harmed. Call us for advice, or a free quote on 01772 615428.
Currelec microwave leakage tester