This is living proof you don’t need Ray Mears and his sticks to start a fire! We were called to a property and found the dangerous fusebox below. The thick red wire going into the green fuse had overheated and started burning. This then melted some of the red insulation, which nicely short circuited to the Neutral connector directly above. Bang!
Whilst on this occasion, the fuse was blown before it caught fire, it still makes a pretty good case for having your electrics periodically checked.

We went to see a client today, who’s electricity went off every time it rained – following some minor building work.
Turned out the “builder” had drilled through an underground cable, bodged a repair with a connector & some tape, then buried it and said nothing!
You can see how “waterproof” and safe it was, after the tape had fallen off, revealing the problem.
We had to use a special epoxy underground jointing kit. The second photo shows the repair before we re-buried the cable and replaced the surface material.

LED Garden Lighting – All our jobs seem to have popular seasons and Garden/Security Lighting is no exception. The installation below has 4 LED floodlights, 2 are on radio control and the other 2 are PIR security lights. We can go 6 months without doing outside lights, but these 4 bring last month’s total to 14 !!!!
The quality of LED floodlights and Garden Lighting is so high now and the running costs are so much lower, that Currelec is asked for LEDs over old Halogen lights at a ratio of about 10-1. for LED Garden Lighting

Please note that from 24th March 2016 Currelec’s new telephone number is 01772 615428.
We’ve relocated to give ourselves a bit more space, but still cover all of Preston and most of Lancashire.
Same great service, same great prices, just a new telephone number to call!
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Get more out of your garden this summer with some great lighting!
Here’s one of our installations that is almost finished! Currelec has been installing all the garden electrics for one of Wilson MacLean Landscaping’s latest creations. We’ve installed 25 special LED lights, 4 outdoor power sockets, a water feature supply and full remote control for everything. Once Jack and Stu get the water feature in and the finishing touches are complete, the client is going to love their new garden, both day and night!