When you’re looking for Qualified, Reliable Electricians in Preston or throughout Lancashire, whatever size of job you have, Currelec can help! We Specialise in all Domestic Electrical Work and Internal & External Lighting. We do try hard to keep our prices as low as possible, but each year the cost of our insurance, professional memberships and equipment increases, so regrettably we have no choice but to pass on these increases as they arise. The following are examples of our competitive prices


We all like the best deals, so ask yourself 3 quick questions when doing a comparison. Are they Officially Qualified and can they show you this? Are they Fully Insured? If they are really cheap, what corners might they be cutting?



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Emergency Callout including up to 1 hour labour


New Indoor Double 13a Socket (White finish, best quality) £50
New Indoor Double 13a Socket Brushed Steel/Chrome/Brass/Black £ *
Replacement Double 13a Socket Front (or Light Switch) White, Brushed Steel/Chrome/Brass/Black from £12*
Outdoor Double 13a Socket (Weatherproof, best quality) £ please enquire
Connect cooker to existing point (oven/hob) £50
New cooker supply point for oven/hob from £160
Consumer Units & Fuseboxes Upgraded/Replaced £ please enquire
Earth Bonding to Incoming Gas/Water/Oil Services £75/Service
Installation & Connection to existing supply for Fridge/Dishwasher/Fixed Appliance £45
PAT Testing (Portable Appliance Testing) Charge for up to 25 items £2.50/item*
PAT Testing (Portable Appliance Testing) Over 25 items, subsequent item charge £1.50/item*
Domestic Visual Condition Report (Homeowners & Landlords) £60
Electrical Installation Condition Report for up to 8 circuits, additional circuits £10 each £130
Electrical Installation Condition Report for New Extension with up to 4 circuits, additional circuits £10 each £90
10 year battery smoke detector – single £35
10 year battery smoke detector – double with wireless connectivity £90
10 year battery smoke detector – double without wireless connectivity (where permitted) £55
7 year battery Carbon Monoxide detector £50
Testing all independent smoke/carbon monoxide detectors at private address £40
* Please note: Special/matching brands or finishes may incur extra costs, so please enquire. Also,
there is a minimum job/contract charge of £40 which includes the first 1 hour of labour.

We’re also happy to carry out work for you on an Hourly or Daily Rate basis.

Electrician’s Rates  
Hourly Rate (Up To First Hour) £40
Hourly Rate (Additional Hours) £25
Day Rate (First Day) £200
Day Rate (Additional Days) £180