We’ve just spent a couple of hours trying to rescue some very large Koi Carp!
Currelec was out on a job earlier today (yes, we work Saturdays too!), when we had a call for help from a lady who has a large pool full of Koi. The electrics had failed, so the pump and air system had gone off and the fish were starting to float on the surface – Yikes!
We headed off and soon found ourselves ankle deep in mud, on one of the wettest days this year! The electrics were traced and isolated, so we could start eliminating the good bits from the bad.
It soon turned out that the pump and air compressor were ok, but the ultraviolet algae filter was kaput. We disconnected this, then replaced the blown fuse. Fingers crossed, then switched on. It worked!!!
The fish were happy, the lady was happy knowing she just needed a new filter and we hosed the mud from out boots and headed home. No frying pan needed tonight 🙂