central heating

It’s that time of year again!
Did you know that if you have an old and inefficient room thermostat on your central heating, you could be spending more on your fuel bills than you need to?
Here’s how. Any old thermostat can become inaccurate and start to stick or switch on and off poorly. This means you get heating when IT decides, not you! Also, you can end up turning it up or playing about with it, trying to make it work better. This can cost you in the form of higher fuel bills.
Currelec can replace your existing room thermostat with a new wireless unit, which will help you in several ways. It will be accurate and can even allow you to switch the heating to different temperatures on different days & times AND it’s portable! You can put it more or less anywhere you fancy. Did we also mention they can look a lot better than your old one too? 🙂
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central heating controller

Looked at a house today where the central heating controller didn’t seem to be working.
A quick inspection revealed someone had removed ALL the wiring(!), leaving the controller on the wall, presumably for decoration? Oh well, at least it was an easy diagnosis for Currelec! 😉

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