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Consumer Unit (or Tableau électrique in French). We’ve been really busy, so apologies it’s been a while since we last updated the blog! Currelec has just returned from a foray into France, where we needed to replace an old and badly positioned circuit breaker panel with a new (and much safer) consumer unit.
Quite a job, as the French method of wiring means that there are lots more cables coming into the consumer unit than we’re used to in the UK. It had to be done as the old unit was located in an attic, over an old and treacherous floor, whereas the new one is now downstairs in an easy to reach cupboard.
All in all, a great improvement and a few Euros well spent!
If you need your consumer unit checked or changed contact us.
BEFORE (no markings! no main switch! and a risky journey to get here!) Consumer Unit
AFTER (Just waiting for the cover to be fitted) Consumer Unit

REAL Kitchen Nightmares anyone? During a routine inspection, we discovered this death trap! Someone had fitted a kitchen cupboard (top shown in foreground) so close to the consumer unit, they had removed the cover to allow access to the circuit breakers! This left bare live(!) wires and copper bars exposed to the touch. Although not obvious in the photo (we had to squeeze the camera between the ceiling and cupboard!), the height of the cupboard overlapped the switches, preventing the consumer cover being fitted. Anyone simply placing a pan on the top of this unit, could have been killed! The house turned out to be full of electrical horrors, so seeing this set the tone for one of the worst inspections we’ve ever seen.
No respectable tradesman would ever leave something like this. If you think you have anything similar call us on 01772 615428, or call another qualified electrician – just don’t touch it yourself!
Kitchen Nightmares!

We were called to a customer’s house, where a newly discovered ‘Buzzing’ sound was coming from the cupboard which housed the Consumer Unit and Electricity Meter.


No, it wasn’t a Bee! It turned out to be a slowly burning connection on one of the main circuit breakers, which ‘Buzzed’ all the more when they switched extra things on in the house. It was a straightforward repair, which if left would have resulted in overheating and power failure, or possibly even worse!


If you notice any strange or new sounds coming from your Electricity Meter or Fuses – do get it looked at!!!
Buzzing Noise?