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“PAT Testing time” has come around again for many businesses. Many of our Clients use this slightly quieter time of year to do their annual PAT Testing. People who do it know what it is, but for many it’s a complete mystery, so let’s explain what it entails.

Currelec PAT Testing

Currelec PAT Testing

If you run a business or use (or hire out) portable mains powered electrical appliances, or you’re a Landlord letting property with electrical items included, you really do need to PAT Test them. It’s not just the very portable items like drills and toasters. People are often surprised to learn that many kitchen appliances, electric heaters and computers are included – even though some are far from “portable”!
You legally have a “Duty of Care” to your staff, customers or tenants, so one way to demonstrate this, is with the quick and inexpensive process of PAT Testing your electrical equipment. Currelec can carry this out for you, providing you with recorded evidence, together with a label on each item, proving this has been done.
What do we do? Well, after you let us know your requirements, we’ll suggest test intervals, based on the type of item, the location and the use it receives. Some items should be tested annually, some every 4 years. We visually examine the item, cable and 13A plug, checking the fuse is correct. Then we connect a special instrument which automatically carries out a series of complex safety tests. If all is well, we label the item as “Passed” and add it to the asset list we provide, showing the tests carried out.
Any problems we do discover are usually easily rectified, leaving you with safe, working appliances and evidence of testing. Currelec can make this process extremely quick and straightforward for you, so please contact us with your requirements

Currelec received an anguished call for help from a lovely family, around teatime yesterday. They were expecting friends and were preparing a special meal when the electricity went off in their third floor apartment! They said they had tried resetting things to no avail and now the burglar alarm was going off!

It was pouring with rain and I didn’t know what to expect – water leak maybe? I arrived to find no electricity supply to the apartment at all. So I reset the alarm, switched everything off and went on walkabout in the building. I eventually found the main breaker for their apartment and reset it. On returning to the apartment, I was able to restore and test the system circuit by circuit until we found the culprit – the kitchen hob extractor! This was quickly repaired and I went on my way.

The only regret I had was heading out into the rain and leaving behind the lovely smell of cooking! I’m sure they all enjoyed their evening and the “Thank you” text was much appreciated.