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Not a Fan of this Fan!
We had an interesting one this week, when we arrived to replace an elderly lady’s ceiling fan with a normal light fitting.
When Currelec arrived we found the original fan had been installed by cutting a circle right through the plaster, then bolting the fan to a joist, then the area around the fan AND the screw heads had been filled in.
Someone had already made attempts to remove it, but the whole thing was stuck fast & weighed a ton. So we chiselled the filler from around the base, then had to cut and drill the base into pieces, destroying it, to get it down.
All this left a 9 inch hole in the ceiling, so we moved the new light a few inches away, so the lady could get a plasterer to repair the ceiling.
As we left, the lady, looking at the box of mangled metal bits, chopped wires and filler, said “Do you think anyone would buy that old fan?”…….

Well, “New Tester Time” has come around again and that means spending a huge quantity of dosh on a shiny new meter for testing electrical installations. The manufacturer of this one says it can be “dropped onto concrete from 1 meter”…..Yeah we must verify that one later! It does much more bleeping and has many more digits than the last one, so it’s bound to be better smile emoticon Anyway nothing’s too expensive for keeping our customers safe.

Wet Wet Wet!
Currelec was called to a client who tripped out their electricity every time they used the outside light. There was a junction box outside, just over the kitchen door, so it seemed a good place to start. When we removed the lid, a large quantity of water poured out!
While the box lid had a brilliant weatherproof seal, the person who installed it had drilled four holes in the back to screw it to the wall, but then didn’t seal around all four screws!
We cut off the ruined connectors, cleaned and dried the wires and the box, resealed it and replaced the connectors.
All sorted.

A bit hard to see because of the location, but this photo shows a problem we found at a client’s house today. The hall light hadn’t worked since they moved in and some tests revealed a cable fault between the switch and the light.
We then spotted someone had drilled a hole in the very top corner of the wall near the switch. A bit of digging revealed the unlucky driller had put a 7mm hole straight through the centre of the cable!
One junction box, some cable and half an hour later the lights were back on – all of them!