Q: When is a cable clip not a cable clip?
A: When some idiot has decided a bent nail is every bit as good!
The difference in the two cables below is obvious.

During a loft conversion, we spotted numerous bent nails used to secure mains electricity cables like the one on the right. Each one is a potential future house fire or shock hazard. It makes us so angry because it is avoidable and is usually just laziness and lack of knowledge on the part of the installer, who surely cannot have been a qualified Electrician. Cable clips, like the one we’ve installed on the left, are designed to hold the cable firmly and without damage. Nails cause harm by biting into the surface of the cable and crushing the internal insulation too. Problems and overheating can become apparent many years later.
If you spot any of these around your home, don’t touch them, but have them checked by a competent Electrician. Currelec is happy to provide free advice if you see these in your home, garage or attic.
Dangerous wiring identified by Currelec

We’ve been installing a lot of these for Currelec customers recently. They are a direct replacement LED downlight bulb, which uses about 10% of the electricity of the existing bulb, but with the same brightness and colour of light! These are not the cheap, dim, cold white bulbs (which sometimes flicker) on sale in discount shops. They last for 30,000+ hours and we can fit them without any mess or upheaval!

LED Downlighter

Currelec received an anguished call for help from a lovely family, around teatime yesterday. They were expecting friends and were preparing a special meal when the electricity went off in their third floor apartment! They said they had tried resetting things to no avail and now the burglar alarm was going off!

It was pouring with rain and I didn’t know what to expect – water leak maybe? I arrived to find no electricity supply to the apartment at all. So I reset the alarm, switched everything off and went on walkabout in the building. I eventually found the main breaker for their apartment and reset it. On returning to the apartment, I was able to restore and test the system circuit by circuit until we found the culprit – the kitchen hob extractor! This was quickly repaired and I went on my way.

The only regret I had was heading out into the rain and leaving behind the lovely smell of cooking! I’m sure they all enjoyed their evening and the “Thank you” text was much appreciated.

We’ve been doing a number of jobs for a client, which included the installation of a ‘silent’ bathroom extractor fan. What a total transformation! The unit we supplied was one of the latest direct replacement ‘quiet fans’ at a very reasonable price. It’s so quiet, it’s almost impossible to hear it running and it uses much less electricity too. So, if like many people, you find the rattle and buzz of your bathroom extractor a pain, let us come and sort it for you.
Oh, and it looks fairly nice too!

Quiet Extractor Fan