Not a Fan of this Fan!
We had an interesting one this week, when we arrived to replace an elderly lady’s ceiling fan with a normal light fitting.
When Currelec arrived we found the original fan had been installed by cutting a circle right through the plaster, then bolting the fan to a joist, then the area around the fan AND the screw heads had been filled in.
Someone had already made attempts to remove it, but the whole thing was stuck fast & weighed a ton. So we chiselled the filler from around the base, then had to cut and drill the base into pieces, destroying it, to get it down.
All this left a 9 inch hole in the ceiling, so we moved the new light a few inches away, so the lady could get a plasterer to repair the ceiling.
As we left, the lady, looking at the box of mangled metal bits, chopped wires and filler, said “Do you think anyone would buy that old fan?”…….

We’ve been installing a lot of these for Currelec customers recently. They are a direct replacement LED downlight bulb, which uses about 10% of the electricity of the existing bulb, but with the same brightness and colour of light! These are not the cheap, dim, cold white bulbs (which sometimes flicker) on sale in discount shops. They last for 30,000+ hours and we can fit them without any mess or upheaval!

LED Downlighter

We’ve just fitted a new outdoor security light with PIR movement sensor for a customer. Nothing new in that – except…!
This one detects a person, switches on the light, then the light turns to face the person, then can pan from side to side, effectively “following” them whilst they’re in range. Whilst there’s a slight hint of “Dalek” about it, you can’t help but accept it’s probably better security than a normal light.

Scanning Security Light