Light your home and garden properly and the difference can be as dramatic as the photographs below!
Your home might not only look much better, but may also be a little safer for your visitors too. A well lit property is often avoided by those whose intentions are criminal, so there’s another good reason to ask Currelec for a free quote for your outdoor lighting needs.

Sometimes get into “trouble” for it but I just can’t resist taking photographs of dodgy wiring – very sadly, even on holiday!
Spotted this fine example of eclairage de jardin (garden lighting) whilst away in France. Photographed lots of lovely things too, promise, but just had to add this one to the collection.
Does “choc électrique” really need translation?
Garden Light in need of replacement

Changing a ceiling light fitting isn’t beyond the scope of a competent & safe DIY-er. But there can be some “wiring surprises” when removing the old one and some of these wires are live even with the light switched off!

Often, the new fitting won’t have enough room to accommodate all the wires and you’re not allowed to simply stuff the connectors into the ceiling void, so now what?

You should use one or more specially shaped junction boxes, which are then correctly connected and carefully fed up into the ceiling.

We always carry all the parts needed, so give us a call & we can sort this out for you, safely, quickly & cheaply.


We often wonder if all Electricians in Preston spend their time photographing bits of burnt plastic!
There’s no escaping the fact Currelec is seeing lots of poor connections and wiring problems on downlighters, resulting in failure, overheating and obvious danger.


We are running our own campaign of replacing old, inefficient downlighters with modern LED units, especially chosen for the customer’s desired location. This not only reduces the energy consumption by up to 90%, but it also reduces this risk of load-induced overheating and obviously the danger too. We only fit fire rated downlighters, which are also safer than the old type, together with the latest bright LEDs. We know times are hard, but this can be a real energy-saving measure which will pay for itself, for your home. It can really transform the look of your kitchen, too! So, maybe it really is time for a change?


Burnt Connector

There’s still time to make sure you’ve enough 13amp sockets in all the right places, for the Lights, Heaters & Tree Lights you’ll need this Christmas. Extension cables are far too easily overloaded and can be a trip hazard. Currelec can install proper, permanent extra sockets (outdoors as well) in time for Christmas, so call us now on 01772 615428 for a free quote.

Double Socket