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Wet Wet Wet!
Currelec was called to a client who tripped out their electricity every time they used the outside light. There was a junction box outside, just over the kitchen door, so it seemed a good place to start. When we removed the lid, a large quantity of water poured out!
While the box lid had a brilliant weatherproof seal, the person who installed it had drilled four holes in the back to screw it to the wall, but then didn’t seal around all four screws!
We cut off the ruined connectors, cleaned and dried the wires and the box, resealed it and replaced the connectors.
All sorted.

Really felt sorry for a customer who called me to check his faulty garden lights.
He had a dozen mains voltage walkover lights, similar to the photo, set into his beautiful paths. Each time he switched them on, the house electrics tripped out. It didn’t take long to discover that water had leaked into 7 of them, shorting the electrics. Okay, a simple job of resealing? Nope! Not this time!
Alarm bells rang when I spotted the new circuit had been installed without issuing a “Part P” certificate – a complete “no-no”, followed by incorrect cable clips from the cable going to the path. The wall switch was incorrectly wired too! What next?
Water had leaked into the lights from below, rusting the internals and because the lights hadn’t been installed correctly (just connected then concreted below the paving), it was impossible to remove them to rectify the cable seal. Also, the “electrician” who installed them, had hidden junction boxes somewhere under the lawn. More moisture in there too? Very possibly. All my tests suggested multiple earth faults, so it was pretty bad.
The owner decided that rather than lift large sections of his paving, and rewire/replace the entire garden lighting properly, he would simply forget about the lights and leave them disconnected.
Always get a “Part P” qualified Electrician like Currelec to do any outdoor work. If you’re having your garden landscaped, check the company doing the work is using a “Part P” Electrician too and get this in writing.

Garden Lights from www.currelec.co.uk

Light your home and garden properly and the difference can be as dramatic as the photographs below!
Your home might not only look much better, but may also be a little safer for your visitors too. A well lit property is often avoided by those whose intentions are criminal, so there’s another good reason to ask Currelec for a free quote for your outdoor lighting needs.



Sometimes get into “trouble” for it but I just can’t resist taking photographs of dodgy wiring – very sadly, even on holiday!
Spotted this fine example of eclairage de jardin (garden lighting) whilst away in France. Photographed lots of lovely things too, promise, but just had to add this one to the collection.
Does “choc électrique” really need translation?
Garden Light in need of replacement

We’ve been so busy, there hasn’t been time to update the blog, but this entry might just save your life, so please read on!
Lots of people have outdoor Christmas lights, so if you have, or are planning to, please follow this really simple advice:

Use extra low voltage only for your outdoor lights, unless totally unavoidable! You need to check all mains transformers are plugged in indoors and that the voltage to your outdoor lights should be less than 60Volts AC. This is the safest option, preventing mains voltage going outdoors at all.

If you need mains voltage in the garden, you must ensure all plugs/sockets/connectors (like the handsome one below!) are all rated for such use – no exceptions, however temporary! The circuit supplying this electricity must be protected by a Residual Current Device (RCD) with a rating of 30mA. This provides some shock protection but must be used with the proper plugs/sockets/connectors etc…

If you need advice, contact us. Also remember, it’s still not too late to get a proper garden socket installed by Currelec in time for Christmas, that way it’s ready for lawnmowers and hedge trimmers next summer too!

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