Currelec has just completed an LED downlight conversion at a beautiful apartment. All the old halogen downlights were causing problems with either overheating or bulb failures, so it was time for a change.
Our brief was to provide a dimmable solution, which had different colour temperatures (tints) for the Kitchen and the Dining areas, which require very different coloured lighting to create just the “right” ambience. The new LED units we installed are an inexpensive and sensible choice for the client who now has great quality light, no more bulb changes, and has reduced her electricity consumption by 90%!!! All in all, a complete success and a happy Client!
Dining area with LED downlights
The “Warmer White” above creates a relaxing & comfortable look for the Dining Area
A cool white LED downlight Kitchen solution
The “Cooler White” shown above, creates a “clean & crisp” look in the Kitchen