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From the 31st December 2015, all UK domestic consumer units (fuseboxes, to some people!) which are installed by Currelec and all other Part P Electricians, must be made of non-combustible material (in other words, Metal). We’ve had wood & Bakelite back in the day, followed by some metal ones. Back then, the same people who are getting rid of plastic now, insisted plastic would be better than metal as it’s non-conductive. Now, due to some fires inside consumer units (perhaps due to the installer not tightening screws properly?), we’re back with metal…. Wonder how long it will be before someone suggests Bakelite again…? For more information, check The Institution of Engineering & Technology’s website.

Really felt sorry for a customer who called me to check his faulty garden lights.
He had a dozen mains voltage walkover lights, similar to the photo, set into his beautiful paths. Each time he switched them on, the house electrics tripped out. It didn’t take long to discover that water had leaked into 7 of them, shorting the electrics. Okay, a simple job of resealing? Nope! Not this time!
Alarm bells rang when I spotted the new circuit had been installed without issuing a “Part P” certificate – a complete “no-no”, followed by incorrect cable clips from the cable going to the path. The wall switch was incorrectly wired too! What next?
Water had leaked into the lights from below, rusting the internals and because the lights hadn’t been installed correctly (just connected then concreted below the paving), it was impossible to remove them to rectify the cable seal. Also, the “electrician” who installed them, had hidden junction boxes somewhere under the lawn. More moisture in there too? Very possibly. All my tests suggested multiple earth faults, so it was pretty bad.
The owner decided that rather than lift large sections of his paving, and rewire/replace the entire garden lighting properly, he would simply forget about the lights and leave them disconnected.
Always get a “Part P” qualified Electrician like Currelec to do any outdoor work. If you’re having your garden landscaped, check the company doing the work is using a “Part P” Electrician too and get this in writing.

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Currelec is proud to have been accepted into the ELECSA Part P Competent Person Scheme. We have been members of a similar scheme through another provider until now, but the rapidly increasing administrative costs relating to this scheme weren’t something we could continue to fund without increasing our prices to our customers, which we didn’t want to do. Our assurance to you is that we’ll always do our very best to give you a Safe, Quality Job, at a Good Competitive Price.

There’s nothing like a refreshing shower in the lovely hot weather we’re having. So here’s some important trivia for you!

Did you know, that any room with a Bath or Shower is divided into “Zones” for the purposes of Electrical Safety?
Any light fitting, switch, shaver unit, fan or device MUST be approved for use in the Zone in which it’s going to be used.
Zone 0 is inside the bath or shower itself.
Zone 1 is directly over the bath or shower up to 2.25m high.
Zone 2 is a 60cm area further outside of Zone 1
Take a look around your bathroom and make sure you’re happy about your electrics. If not, get a Part P Approved Electrician to check it out.
Also remember, if you have a shower cubicle in a bedroom, you can’t have a 13amp socket within 3 meters of it. Keep Safe and if you need any advice call us on 01772 615428 or email us

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There’s a brand new website for people looking for a qualified ‘Part P’ registered Electrician. We’re listed here and so should anyone else you have working on your home electrics.

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