We’ve been so busy, there hasn’t been time to update the blog, but this entry might just save your life, so please read on!
Lots of people have outdoor Christmas lights, so if you have, or are planning to, please follow this really simple advice:

Use extra low voltage only for your outdoor lights, unless totally unavoidable! You need to check all mains transformers are plugged in indoors and that the voltage to your outdoor lights should be less than 60Volts AC. This is the safest option, preventing mains voltage going outdoors at all.

If you need mains voltage in the garden, you must ensure all plugs/sockets/connectors (like the handsome one below!) are all rated for such use – no exceptions, however temporary! The circuit supplying this electricity must be protected by a Residual Current Device (RCD) with a rating of 30mA. This provides some shock protection but must be used with the proper plugs/sockets/connectors etc…

If you need advice, contact us. Also remember, it’s still not too late to get a proper garden socket installed by Currelec in time for Christmas, that way it’s ready for lawnmowers and hedge trimmers next summer too!

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