Wall mounting a flatscreen TV is a great way to both free up some floor space and give your room a designer look, but it has to be done properly. The correct brackets & wall anchors for the weight and location of your TV must be used. If you want to hide all the cables from view and you decide to use the Chimney over a fireplace, there are 3 extra things you also need to consider.
1. Flue – Is it in use? The Flue is the actual hole itself inside the chimney. If it is (eg you have a Gas or Real Fire), you need to consider how you’ll mount the brackets and run the cables without heat damage or allowing fumes from the Flue into the house.
2. Materials – Is your chimney breast plasterboard & battens, or brick? Many new chimney breasts have a surprisingly thin front wall. You’ll need the correct wall anchors and the construction materials will influence how you hide the cables.
3. Heat – It’s not called a Fireplace for nothing. You have heat from within the chimney and also rising past the TV screen. This can damage or destroy the TV, especially if there’s no mantlepiece to deflect some of it away from the TV screen. You need to carefully assess the level of heat before installation.
At Currelec, every installation we do has slightly different requirements in some way, so we’ve built up a lot of experience and can wall mount your TV for you, with the minimum fuss and the maximum reliability and safety. Call us on 01772 615428 or email for a free quote.
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