We were asked to sort some very wonky sockets. The homeowner had lived with them and hated seeing them whilst having breakfast, so asked if we could replace and straighten them out.
This turned into a fiddly job as, not only had the original electrician fitted them badly (5 degrees out of level!), the tiler had shaped the tiles to match, and the owner had no spare tiles and didn’t want any damaged!

We removed the old sockets and cooker unit, then had to use a Fein machine (specialised cutter/grinder) to cut away the tiles. We then had to loosen the metal backboxes behind the tiles without harming the wiring, then refix them to the wall. Finally, we installed new stainless units and lined everything up! After taking the photo, we removed the excess grout and the owner was happy!

This is one of those time consuming jobs that should never have arisen. If the original electrician had done his job properly, or the tiler had used a bit of common sense, it would have been a ten minute job instead of just over two hours!

Kitchen sockets